Exercises for prostatitis

Treatment exercises for prostatitis

Treatment of diseases of the prostate gland is rarely limited to medication alone. Men were also shown physical therapy techniques and exercise to improve their health. Exercises for prostatitis will help to cope with stagnation in the pelvis and reduce the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease.

The necessity of fitness

Everyone needs regular exercise. A full recovery with the use of effective drugs will not happen if you do not perform exercises for prostatitis and prostatitis. They improve the effect of drugs, normalize the process of urination, increase potency.

It is important to find out the cause of impotence so that it can be properly cured. In the case of a disease caused by a blockage of the prostate gland, you cannot fail to charge. Moreover, it can give better effect than pharmaceutical drugs. With chronic prostatitis of an infectious nature, it will not be possible to avoid taking medication, however, you should not forget about physical education.

Prostate exercise has the following benefits:

  • promotes the removal of harmful substances from the body;
  • improve cell nutrition;
  • normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • Train the muscles of the prostate gland.

It should be remembered that it is undesirable to perform exercises to improve the prostate gland in the acute phase of the disease. The doctor warned about this at the front desk. During exercise, discomfort and severe pain may be felt, consulting a specialist is not a recommendation but a mandatory measure.

Collection of exercises for men

Concerned about how to strengthen the prostate gland, it is important to remember: results can only be achieved with regular practice. There is no need to give up exercising the muscles of the genitourinary system after a few days, doubting its beneficial effect. If you do all the elements correctly, it will be possible to get rid of the symptoms in 2-4 weeks. The complex includes exercises for the presses, pelvis, legs, as well as breathing exercises. You should change your lifestyle when you have prostatitis: walk a lot and cycle, eat in moderation, visit your doctor regularly.

Basic exercises (physical therapy exercises)

Physical activity begins with a regular warm-up. It is permissible to perform it for everyone, even with serious disorders in the body or after surgery. It is permissible to participate in any sport, after consulting a doctor.

What exercises should you do when you have prostatitis?

  1. Half squat.Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and perform a normal squat, but keep your knees as wide as possible. Do the exercise slowly 5-10 times, avoiding causing discomfort to the muscles. Squats for prostatitis are very helpful, but weight training should not be under any circumstances. This word in training should be abandoned forever.
  2. Flexion and extension of the leg.Lie on your back, raise your lower limbs (they should be straight now), then bend, pulling your knees into your chest. Repeat 5 times, you can make several approaches.
  3. Raise your legs.Lie on your back, raise your elbows and separate your legs a few centimeters from the floor, holding this position for a few seconds. Next, spread and bring your legs together 10 times, doing 3 sets. You can't spread your knees, just keep your arms and legs 10cm off the floor. Then lower them to the floor, rest and repeat 5-10 times.
  4. "Aries".Raise your legs and pelvis to form a right angle to the floor. Hold for a few seconds, supporting your back with your hands. Do it 5-7 times.
  5. Step into position.Exercise is indicated for chronic prostatitis, as it increases the rate of good blood. You need to try to raise the knee high, do at least 8-10 repetitions for each leg.
  6. Pull your knees to your chest.Lie on your right side, touching your left knee to your chest. Do 5-8 times, then roll over and repeat the same movement, but with the right leg.

"Bridge" completes the complex of exercises of therapeutic gymnastics for prostatitis. Not every grown man can do it, but you can simplify the job. Lie on your stomach, arms up, and bend your back as much as you can, forming an arc. You can do it another way: lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your palms next to your pelvis. Lift your torso, lifting everything off the floor except your shoulder blades, head, and feet.

In physically prepared men, pain did not occur with exercise therapy. Charging with prostatitis should end with a pleasant warmth throughout the body. Usually the next day there will be some discomfort in the muscles, but this is completely normal and shows that they are working.


Various asanas allow you to get rid of pain for several months, as well as improve the functioning of the entire organ. Positioning the muscles of the abdomen will reduce inflammation. There are different complexes, hatha yoga recommended for men with prostatitis, consisting of fairly simple exercises that are accessible to everyone. It is in this that the inversion asanas necessary to eliminate congestive prostatitis are collected.

Prostatitis exercises are very easy to do at home, just go to the gym. If during the training session, you feel discomfort or loss of health, it is better to skip the session. Discomfort can be caused by lack of fitness or by pressure on the chest and abdomen.

  1. First Asanacalled triangle. Keep your back straight while performing, legs as wide as possible. With one hand, you need to reach for the foot and grab it, touching the knee with your face. Hold the position for 15 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.
  2. The second asanaagainst prostatitis - a closed round. Lie on your stomach, lift your torso off the floor (chest), and raise your legs at the same time. Use your hands to support the limbs with the ankles and hold the position for 15-30 seconds.
  3. The third asanain the name of an eagle will surely help to defeat disease. Perform standing upright with knees slightly bent. The right shin is thrown over the opposite thigh and stand for one minute. Then rest a bit and repeat with the other leg.

It is imperative to practice breathing to treat prostatitis at home. It should be done several times a day, especially since it is so easy to do. Just stretch your arms up while inhaling, hold your breath and lower your limbs, exhaling through your mouth. It is better to repeat 3-4 times, and then rest.

Yoga is intended for the morning after waking up or a few hours before going to bed. The movements are rhythmic and slow, like breathing. It will not be superfluous to play sports in the fresh air or at least keep the windows open for the duration of the workout (drafts should be avoided so as not to get sick). After class, you should take a shower with a contrast shower.

Kegel gymnastics

Usually women have to deal with Kegel complications, but few know that men have to pay the fee. It has many advantages, namely:

  • restore erection and increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • improves blood circulation in the genital organs;
  • prevent premature ejaculation;
  • have a positive effect on seed quality.

An important point - Kegel exercises for prostatitis are done in the morning with an erection. There's nothing difficult about charging, but you do have to follow some rules. You will need a small weight, which is carefully tied to the penis with soft tape. It is necessary to stretch the muscles, try to lift the weight a little. It is recommended to increase its weight over time.

The pubococcygeus muscle, which is responsible for the rigidity of the penis, should be exercised. Regular exercise from the prostate will benefit the elderly as well as young men. It is possible not only to improve the quality of sex, but also to improve the function of the testicles. Easily locate muscles during urination. It is necessary to hold the stream for a few seconds and continue to feel the contraction of the muscles. You can put your hand on the pubic area for a better understanding. After finding muscle, you should perform exercises to treat prostatitis in men:

  • complete relaxation of all the muscles of the pelvis (with this at the beginning of training there are often problems);
  • stretch the pubic muscles, withdraw the anus and linger for a few seconds;
  • repeat the element about 15-18 times, increasing the stretch time to 10 seconds.

This exercise does not require an erection, so you can do it even at work or in transit. At first, difficulties arise, you will have to spend more time on training, but after 2-3 weeks, the loading will become a habit. Exercises for prostatitis are always combined with Kegel gymnastics, and in some cases they add classes in the pool, yoga, jogging.

Prostate massage

Most men think that the treatment of prostatitis with massage can only be done with the fingers through the anus. Often just thinking about it causes fear or shame, but there is an alternative. Massaging the prostate with a tennis ball will be a real lifesaver, as you can do it yourself. The exercise is safe, painless and requires no special skills.

The procedure is simple, but it needs to be done correctly to avoid discomfort. You need a regular tennis ball and an exercise mat. Start with breathing exercises or exercise therapy. The ball must be placed on the floor and "sit down" on it so that it makes contact with the crotch. Performing a massage is simple - roll it on the floor for 5 minutes with your pelvis. Do 3-4 sets per day, time can be increased. This prostate exercise helps prevent prostatitis at any age. You can add butt walking, but keep your back straight.

Important point

The main rule is not to overdo it when doing exercises for the prostate. It is highly recommended to consult a specialist to avoid complications. During prostate exercise, there should be no pain, slight muscle discomfort is tolerable.

After a stroke and heart attack, prostate cancer cannot be treated with exercise during the first 6 months. As mentioned, during an exacerbation of prostatitis, sports should not be played. An elevated body temperature indicates an inflammatory or infectious process. In addition, it is not recommended to exercise during exacerbations of chronic pathology, aortic aneurysm, after surgery. With caution, exercises for the prostate and muscles are performed if there is a herniated disc or inguinal, high blood pressure and other diseases of the circulatory system.

Treating prostatitis is unthinkable without exercise or massage. In most cases, they help you forget about the disease for a long time, not different drugs. Do yoga, physical therapy, swimming, Kegel exercises, walking with the prostate. Often several techniques are combined with folk remedies to achieve the best results.